Best Ukulele Strap 

The Ukulele strap brings a tremendous amount of value to your instrument, so finding the best one on the market is important. It immediately allows you to have better control and makes chord shaping much easier. It allows your arms some much need flexibility, which enhances your speed and agility.
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CLOUDMUSIC Colorful Hawaiian Strap
Runner Up #1
Jacquard Woven J Hook Clip
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ZEALUX Comfortable Cotton Strap

The Ukulele strap brings a tremendous amount of value to your instrument, so finding the best one on the market is important.  It immediately allows you to have better control and makes chord shaping much easier.  It allows your arms some much need flexibility, which enhances your speed and agility.

The Benefits of a Ukulele Strap

There is a reason why Israel Kamakawiwo'ole’s rendition of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” has almost 1 billion views on Youtube.  There is nothing that can truly replace the great song of a Ukulele guitar. 

The sound of the ukulele registers with a lot of people.  It is a very simple instrument that produces an easy to understand, relaxing sound.  The instrument goes well with a band, but it is truly showcased when it is performed as a solo act.  

There is not many instruments that command an audience’s attention as well as a Ukulele.  Because of its eloquent design, and perfect sound hole selection, it has become a go-to instrument for many aspiring musicians who want to perform live as a solo act.  

What makes the instrument really sound the best, however, is not the design of the instrument (although that is important), but the actual ability of the player.  You can have the nicest ukulele in the world, but if the player is not skilled enough to play it, then it will not be as good a performance as it could be.  

This is where a really good ukulele strap comes into play.  After installation, the player with immediately be able to play and perform better.  With the help of a ukulele strap, a person’s ability to control the instrument is enhanced.  This allows the player to chord much easier and produces a better sound. 

Things To Look For In A Ukulele Strap 

One of the most important things a person can look for in a ukulele strap is the comfort level.  Since the ukulele strap will be hanging on your body for an extended amount of time, it is essential that the material does not sit awkwardly on your body. 

At the beginning of purchasing straps, sometimes the excitement of the product casts a positive outlook on a negative product.  Over time, if the strap is not comfortable, this will make performing and playing much more difficult.  When you are considering purchasing a strap, look for one that is highly comfortable. 

Another important thing to look for in a strap is the installation requirements.  If the strap is from a high-quality vendor, they will supply the buyer with the proper installation equipment.  Look for a vendor that provides a button and screw to play on the back end of your ukulele.  If the vendor does not supply this equipment, then you simply cannot install the strap. 

An alternative method that vendors have been giving ukulele players is the option of a J-Hook.  The J-hook is a different option than the classical button, screw approach.  This design allows the player to place the strap around their kneck and to place hooks in the shape of a “J” (hence the name) into the sound hole of the instrument. 

One of the great things about the J Hook design is that the player does not have to install any screws or buttons into their Ukulele.  If you are not an experienced player, the thought of having to install a button into your instrument is daunting.  Many have already played their ukulele and have developed a relationship with it.  

Look for Low-Risk Design 

The thought of drilling something into your instrument is alarming, as it should be.  You could damage your instrument!  This is where the J-Hook design really comes into play because it’s very low risk.  If you do not like the j-Hook option, at least you didn’t damage your instrument. 

Now, I am not saying the J-Hook is the only option. In fact, many have complained that many vendors supply straps that are too long.  If you are a player that likes to have the instrument higher on your body, then the J-Hook may not be the best option.  If you don’t have any preference, then it will work beautifully! 

Overall, a strap for your ukulele is a no brainer if you are wanting to become a better musician.  It affords you the flexibility in your arms and body to control the instrument with more precision and control.

Now that we have uncovered some of the values of the Ukulele strap, let’s look into some actual products.  I have done a lot of homework to make sure that what I recommend is something that you will love!  However, these are just my personal recommendations.  Ultimately, the decision is up to you, but you can’t go wrong with any of these options.

Sidekick Spotlight

CLOUDMUSIC Colorful Hawaiian Strap

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CLOUDMUSIC Colorful Hawaiian Vintage Ethnic Cotton Ukulele Strap


Overall, this is a very well made ukulele strap.  It comes with a soft black cotton webbing with makes wearing the strap very comfortable.  The heads on the strap are genuine leather, which decreases the wear and tear of the strap over time. 

The strap’s length is suitable for all types of players.  At it’s longest, it is about 52 inches and it’s lowest, it is around 29.5 inches with a wide of an inch and a half.  These measures are great because they allow you to resize the strap to your comfort level.  If you like the instrument the higher on your body, then you can adjust the strap easily.  

The strap comes with two very nice screw buttons for your ukulele and a shoestring, this will allow you to have maximum control on where you want to position the ukulele on your body.  From the many options out there, the screw buttons are very nice and provide a good upgrade to your instrument.  


The only negative that I have with this product is that laces are a little subjective for me.  If you do not tie and not the shoelace properly, you can mute the strings on your instrument with play.  

Sidekick Spotlight

Hawaiian Jacquard Woven J Hook Clip

4 Stars
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ZEALUX Ukulele Strap Comfortable Cotton


The Zealux strap comes with many color options, which allows you to express your playing personality.  The makeup of the strap is lightweight and very comfortable.  The material itself is made up of high quality knitted cotton, which makes the strap very durable over time.  

The strap comes adjustable, with a top length of 52 inches and a low length of around 30 inches.   You can adjust the strap as you see fit, to meet your comfort level.  From a playing perspective, this is essential. 

The strap comes with a single screw and button and also a guitar pick.  When opening the package for the first time, it has a very nice presentation and makes you feel like you can trust the people that sent it to you.  


On the negative side, the product doesn’t come with any installment instructions.  For the beginner, this can be a little frustrating.  The idea of drilling into your instrument with a guide is daunting.  I would recommend to the vendor that they supply installment instructions to make things easier on the buyer. 

Also, the straps are not real leather.  Over time this will make the strap not last as long.  Real leather really helps the longevity of your strap. 

Other Great Products Below..

CLOUDMUSIC Colorful Hawaiian Jacquard Woven J Hook Clip


Very nice design with multiple strap color options.  From a buying perspective, I like products that I can play around with a little bit.  I am more of a creative person, so I always like products that I can have a little control of visually. 

The strap is very comfortable as well.  It is a soft black cotton webbing that makes the playability of the instrument much easier.  I don’t know about you, but I am standing up performing at a gig for a few hours, I need my straps to be comfortable.  This one definitely is. 

By far, the greatest feature of the strap is the J Hook design.  For any beginner who doesn’t want to mess up their instrument on installation, consider this strap.  It has a J hook on the end which you can put in your soundhole.  Basically, as soon as the package comes in the mail you can strap on and play.  

Another thing I like about this product is that it hooks around your neck.  This allows the strap to never interfere with your strings and doesn’t damage any part of your instrument. 


If you like to have your ukulele higher on your body, then take notice of the length of this strap.  Because of its length, your instrument will sit a little lower on your body.  Think Ukulele rocker style!  If you don’t mind where your instruments lays on you, then this will be a good fit.  

M33 Upgrade Multicolor Hawaiian Jacquard Woven Ukulele Strap


The convenience of the strap really stands up.  There are no buttons or pegs, and everything is very easy to install and remove.  

The strap is comfortable, but probably not as comfortable Zealux strap.  What works best with this strap is the overall quality.  It comes with two J Hooks so that your ukulele remains balanced and controlled at all times.  Because of the J Hook flexibility, you are able to get your instrument exactly where you want it on your body and it doesn’t slide around on your body.  Think total control. 


The M33 is adjustable, but won’t fill all types and sizes.  It a top length of 47 inches and a low length of 33 inches.  

HOT SEAL Linen Style Adjustable Genuine Uke Leather


The Hot Seal comes with different coloring options so that you can customize your strap to your liking.  It is made out of cotton, nylon which makes the feel of the strap pretty nice.  

The heads of the straps are genuine leather which will decrease wear and tear over time. The length of the strap is customizable, with a top length of around 50 inches and a bottom length of 29 inches. This helps you to have more control of the comfort level of the strap and instrument. 


Because this product is not a J Hook, you will have to install the strap.  If you are a beginner, this could be an issue.  If you really like the strap, consider taking it to your local guitar store.  

My Ukulele Strap Recommendation 

In my opinion, the best ukulele strap is the Hawaiin Vintage Ethnic Cotton Ukulele Strap because of the comfort quality of the product. For me, I want the strap that makes me the most comfortable.  The genuine leather of the straps just really stands out to me and makes me feel like my money is well spent. 

Even though I am not a colorful guy (I pretty much wear neutral colors), I like the color and design.  Again, everything just really looks and feels top notch.  So, if you want my recommendation, the Hawaiin Vintage Ethnic Cotton is the way to go.  However, most of these products that I have spotlighted are going to work very well.  You can’t go wrong with either of them.