Best Acoustic Electric Guitars Under 2,000

Finding the best acoustic guitar can be a little subjective, but there are certain elements to a great sounding guitar that is not. If you are looking for a great guitar under 2,000, there are certain things you need to know that will help you make the best choice possible.
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Taylor 224ce-K
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Taylor 314ce
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Breedlove Concert CE

Finding the best acoustic guitar can be a little subjective, but there are certain elements to a great sounding guitar that is not.  If you are looking for a great guitar under 2,000, there are certain things you need to know that will help you make the best choice possible.  

One of the great things about the $2,000 price range is that you can invest in a guitar that, if maintained properly, will increase in value over time.  This is due to the way the acoustic-electric guitar is brilliantly constructed. 

Personally, I continue to look for guitars that I can invest in to add to my collection.  What I look for are guitars that will hold great value and will sound excellent in recordings sessions.  One of my favorite acoustic guitars (right now) is my Martin D-25 guitar.  

Whatever reason brings you to get a guitar in this price range, one thing is clear - if you know what you are looking for, then you can make a great choice that you won’t regret.  Let’s look into some things to look for when pulling the trigger. 

What To Look For To Find The Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 2,000

If you are in this price range, then you probably have either been playing long enough that you would like to upgrade, or you are buying a guitar for someone.  Whatever the case, there are certain things you should look for to make sure you get the guitar you want. 

To me, when I am looking into getting a guitar in this price range, I look for two things; the playability or “feel” of the guitar and the sound or “tone”. 

Some guitars are pretty to look at but miserable to play.  I have found in my own life, no matter how pretty a guitar looks, if I hate playing it, it stays on the shelf or gets sold (hopefully at the price I bought it at).  It’s no fun being stuck in this situation. 

You want to get a guitar that you can’t put down because it is so fun to play.  This is the goal if you are a player.  If you are a collector of guitar, the same is true.  You want to purchase a guitar than when someone comes to buy it from you, they are in love with the way it feels.  

The playability of the guitar entails how low the action is, the overall size of the fretboard (which makes chording easier or harder), the size of the body compared to the player.  These three simple things, although can easily be overlooked, are vital.  

The second thing, and perhaps the most important element, is the sound or tone of the guitar.  This is what you are spending your money on.  Lower end guitars are made of a combination of tonewoods that slowly disintegrate in sound and quality over time, and easily wear out.  In this price range, you are investing in high-quality tonewoods that increase in value over time.  

Guitars are made out of wood (or a combination of).  Because this is a natural material, it develops deeper grains that change in a lifetime.  Different types of wood have perfections and imperfections.  This makes up for the original sound of each guitar and why certain guitars are the cream of the crop. 

The density of a guitar is incredibly important.  The more dense a guitar, the less space sound has to move around throughout the guitar.  This produces a clearer tone.  While the less dense a guitar, the less space sound has to travel.  This creates a longer, more sustained sound that isn’t as clear.  

If you are wanted a guitar to do more rhythmic things, you should look for a wood quality that has more density, so that the sound comes out more clear.  If you are looking for a guitar to play “lead” parts, then consider one that has less density, so there is more sustain to each note you play. 

With these important things in mind, let’s look into some guitars and find the best ones under $2,000.  

Sidekick Spotlight

Taylor 200 Series Deluxe 224ce-K Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar Shaded Edge Burst

5 Stars
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Taylor 200 Series Deluxe 224ce-K Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar Shaded Edge Burst

The Taylor 200 Series Delux 224ce features a classic single cutaway top wood, with a solid Hawaiian Koa back and sides layered with Hawaiian Koa bracing.  It has a nut width of 1.9 inches and a total fretboard length of 25.5 inches.  This makes for exquisite playability with great intonation.  

The shape A body style makes it a versatile guitar that helps both fingerpicking and strumming.  The guitar ships in a deluxe hardshell case made by Taylor for optimal fit and protection.  

This guitar is Amazons choice with a five-star rating with nine good reviews. 

Sidekick Spotlight

Breedlove Oregon Series Concert CE Sitka-Myrtlewood

5 Stars
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Breedlove Oregon Series Concert CE Sitka-Myrtlewood

The Breedlove Oregon Series Guitar features a Sitka spruce top, Myrtlewood back and sides, with an eastern modern rock maple kneck.  This provides a good bright tone with strong attack and sustain.  

The ebony fretboard is 25.5 inches long and 1.75 inches in width, with is a good size for normal-sized hands.  The fretboard also has a nice cutaway, which makes chording and shaping easier from the 12th fret, and above The pickup is loaded with a Piezo, which carries high electric response time and a good compliment to the bright nature of the guitar. 

The guitar weighs about 20 pounds, which falls in the moderate weight scale, and has a five-star rating, but with only 3 reviews.  This should not be a reflection on the guitar, but the price range.  

Other Great Products Below..

Taylor 314ce - Sapele Back and Sides with V-Class Bracing

The Taylor 314 is a high demand guitar, and for good reason.  It is made with Sapele sides, an Ebony fingerboard, and Mahogany kneck.  This produces a nice warm, full body tone with a broad and dynamic range.  

The guitar comes with Taylors famous V-Class bracing, which helps increase volume and produces more sustain when playing.  The guitar is loaded with Taylors ES2 electronics, which creates a natural live sound when plugged in.  On the top of the guitar are tone and volume features that help players hone in on their live tone. 

The guitar weighs about 22 pounds (normal size) and has a five-star rating on Amazon from one reviewer.  I’ve played this guitar many times and is possesses the classic “Taylor” full-body sound.  

Takamine P5DC Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Natural

The Takamine P5DC is a lightweight (weighs 13 pounds) guitar with excellent tone.  It is made from Spruce wood, which allows for a nice balanced tone.  The rosewood fingerboard allows for nice fingerpicking, with access all the way up the board thanks to the Venetian cutaway.  

The scalloped x- bracing makes for a vibrant tone with easy to use playability.  Overall, this guitar sounds great and is easy to play, with a nice electronic setup.  This guitar has a five star rating on Amazon with 2 reviews.  Again, reviews will be lower because of the price of the guitar. 

Martin D-16E Burst Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Mahogany Burst

The Martin D-16 is made from Ovangkol Wood with an Ebony fretboard.  This allows for a warm, centered tone with a slightly fuller midrange and bright end.  

The bracing of the guitar includes scalloped, forward-shifted Sitka spruce X, this elicits a powerful and balanced tone with excellent note definition.  

The weight of the guitar is a little heavier than the Taylor 314e, and weighs 25 pounds.  As with many Martin Guitars, the craftsmanship and handiwork are beautiful, which makes this an excellent choice for guitars under $2,000.

My Recommendation 

Although you can’t go wrong with any of these options, I think the safest bet is the Taylor 200 Series Deluxe 224.  The overall playability and tone make it a joy to play.  I love the guitar case and electrical functionally of it as well.  Amazon seems to agree with me by making it their choice of guitar. 

Thanks for checking out the sidekick sound today.  I work really hard to do the work, so you don’t have to.